ortho care at home

ortho care at home

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you planning or have you recently had orthopedic surgery? Did you know that you can choose to receive care and rehabilitation in the comfort of your own home? Our innovative home-based orthopedic program provides comprehensive, individualized care at home. Surgery can significantly improve your quality of life, and planning rehabilitative services you need following post surgery is just as important. Research has shown the ortho care at-home recovery is often more , with better results as compared to other health care at home rehabilitation . “As far as a recommendation of orthocare at home care to others, I think it’s a must. I think it’s the best way to proceed after the operation because you’re in your home environment. That to you is very important”patient health home care In the familiarity of your own home, a team of therapists, nurses and home health aides will provide you with expert rehabilitation services to ease the transition back to a healthier, more independent life.What Can you Expect From patient health Home Care service?Within 24 hours of returning home, you can expect a call and a visit from your home health provider. Depending on the type of post surgery and yours, you may receive visits from skilled nurses, a physical therapist and/or an occupational therapist. If you need assistance with personal care such as bathing, we side a home health aide can also be provided

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